Our Partners

Puentespina Orchids and Tropical Plants
Welcome to Puentespina Orchids! Join us on a virtual discovery tour of Philippine Orchids. Our farm houses a collection of nearly 200 different species, a gene bank for breeding and a cutflower production line. Have a closer look at the Waling-waling Vanda Sanderiana, different types of Cutflowers, Hybrid Orchids, Ornamental Plants and other locally-produced organic products, as well as the people behind the process and excellence. Welcome to more than 30 years of quality and experience!

Malagos Farmhouse
Welcome to our hearth. Malagos Food, Inc., a Filipino corporation, holds office in Davao City. It envisions to provide the Philippine market with prime products harvested from the fertile land of Mindanao and processed using time tested procedures with loving care and great passion.

Malagos Garden Interactive Bird Show
Be a part of CLIMATE CHANGE AND DISASTER RISK MITIGATION the theme for this year’s Bird Show. We’re Landing on our new home, the MALAGOS GARDEN RESORT AMPHITHEATRE. For inquiries, call (+63 82) 2216344, 2211545, (+63 917) 5481867 look for Dr. Bo Puentespina.